This program ended on 11/20/2016 (SUN) 08:32 .

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High Resolution available Magic: the Gathering "World Magic Cup" in Rotterdam Day3

Floor Guide

Nov/19/2016 (SAT) Opens: 23:50 Starts: 24:00
This program ended on 11/20/2016 (SUN) 08:32.
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Tune in for the live Niconico webcast on November 20 to see all the action unfold as players battle to be named as champions of the 2016 Magic World Cup. The players from over 70 countries had competed in the past two days to be crowned winners of the Magic World Cup. The team is competing for their share of a $250,000 prize purse, invitations to Pro Tour Aether Revolt, and the glory of representing the country on one of the Magic’s biggest stages.

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