This program ended on 10/15/2016 (SAT) 23:07 .

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High Resolution available Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour "KALADESH" in Honolulu Day2

Floor Guide

Oct/15/2016 (SAT) Opens: 11:50 Starts: 12:00
This program ended on 10/15/2016 (SAT) 23:07.
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The Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour Kaladesh kicks off the 2016-2017 Pro Tour Season in Honolulu, Hawaii. The top players from around the world will be battling for fame, glory and $250,000 in cash prizes in the Standard Constructed and Kaladesh Booster Draft formats.

Tune in for the three-day live Niconico webcast starting October 16, Saturday at 4:00 am Japan time. The live program has complete access to the Pro Tour: live match coverage, deck techs, player interviews and more.

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