This program ended on 09/17/2016 (SAT) 24:24 .

High Resolution available Bandai Namco Games : LIVE (9/18) [TGS2016]

Floor Guide

Sep/17/2016 (SAT) Opens: 18:20 Starts: 18:30
This program ended on 09/17/2016 (SAT) 24:24.
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Bandai Namco Games Booth:
Live Coverage from the Tokyo Game Show 2016 Venue!

【Show Time】
10:30 ~ 11:10 am (JST)
Tekken 7 Special Stage
-The Worst VS The Strongest-
Masaya Onosaka and BNE Katsuhiro Harada

【Show Time】
11:40 ~ 12:20 pm (JST)
Kingdom Seven Flags Special Stage
Haruka Fukuhara, Shigekazu Morita, BNE Taichi Kawai

【Show Time】
1:00 ~ 1:40 pm (JST)
「Tails of Asteria」×「Tails of Links」Stage
【『Tails of』 Special Opening Skit
Katsuyuki Onishi, Chihiro Suzuki鈴木 千尋
Ryohei Kimura, and Ryota Oosuka

【Show Time】
2:10 ~ 2:50 pm (JST)
Kamen Rider: Lastest Game Update
Kamen Rider Ex-Aid , Gorgeous, and BNE Kentaro Matano

【Show Time】
15:20 ~ 16:20
【Cast】※Discussion and Gameplay Stage
Asami Imai, Yumi Hara, and Ayaka Fukuhara

【TOKYO GAME SHOW 2016:Special Site】

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