This program ended on 09/14/2016 (WED) 25:13 .

High Resolution available Kadokawa Games [Voice Actor Booth] LIVE: Day 1 (9/15) [TGS2016]

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Sep/14/2016 (WED) Opens: 18:50 Starts: 19:00
This program ended on 09/14/2016 (WED) 25:13.
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Tune for live coverage from the 2016 Kadokawa Games [Voice actor booth]!
This broadcast will feature special guest appearances from famous voice actors, artists, and
cosplayers in addition to featuring extravagant stage events.

MC:Arisa Noto

11:00~12:00 Stage Opening

Cast:Sakuko Inoue

Honokuma Inoe

Anna Mugiho

Yurika Takagi


Saki Miyamoto


Yuriko Tiger

Kakumei Girls

1:00~2:00 pm JST 『STARLY GIRLS』Stage #1

Cast:Sakuko Inoue(Death)

Honokuma Inoe(Altair)


Saki Miyamoto(Cosplayer)

【Official Site】

2:00~3:00 pm JST 『GOD WARS ~toki wo koete』Stage

Cast:Anna Mugiho(Turtle)



Yuriko Tiger(Cosplayer)

【Official Site】

3:00~4:00 pm JST 『STARLY GIRLS』Stage #2

Cast: Sakuko Inoue(Death)

Honokuma Inoe(Altair)


Saki Miyamoto(Cosplayer)

【Official Site】

4:00~5:00 pm JST 『Demon Gaze 2』Stage

Cast:Yurika Takagi(Aquarius)

Rika Tachibana(Capricorn)

Kakumei Girls(Cosplayers)

【Official Site】

*Cast may change
*Some stages will not be broadcasted.

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