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Magic: the Gathering Pro Tour "Magic Origins" in Vancouver Day2


マジックチャンネル提供:Wizards of the Coast ,LLC
The 2014 - 2015 Premier Play season comes to a close with Pro Tour Magic Origins, which takes place in Vancouver, Canada July 31 - August 2. The format for this three day event is Standard Constructed and Magic Origins Booster Draft. The top players from around the world will be there to battle for fame, glory, final Professional Points for the season, and $250,000 prize money available to the top 75 players including a $40,000 prize for the winner.

Tune in for the live Niconico webcast August 2, Sunday at 1:00 am Japan time. The live program has complete access to the Pro Tour: live match coverage, deck techs, player interviews and more.

The Monday schedule will show every Top 8 match in its entirety. You'll see every draw step, every play, and every key decision on the live video stream as these players battle for the title of Pro Tour champion.

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