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This program ended on 12/04/2014 (THU) 26:43.
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From December 5th to 7th in 2014
Niconico Chokaigi will go beyond Japan,
and take place in Singapore for the 3 days!

Following Niconico Chokaigi, which is held all over Japan,
We will transmit Japanese cultures to the world
through our events in real life!

We will take the first step in Singapore
holding a joint event with “Anime Festival Event 2014” (so called “AFA”),
the biggest pop culture event in Southeast Asia .

At “Niconico Kunikaigi” in AFA,
we will have “Sang it”, “Danced it”, “Games”, “Vocaloid”,
“Anime”, and “Cosplay”,
all of which were the popular corners in Niconico Chokaigi.
And also, some of the popular users,
who actively upload videos or broadcast in Niconico,
will appear on the stage to strut their stuff.
What’s more, we are planning to hold an international event,
where visitors can interact with Niconico users in Japan,
as well as promote our projects to the local areas in Singapore.

Hyakka Ryoran
PCF(Keitan, Riot, Tadanon, TAKUMA)
Kozue Aikawa
Hachioji P
DJ Caesar
(Random order)

For more details of additional casts and the projects,
We will update them on Niconico Kunikaigi official website at any time. Don’t miss it!

Official Website
◎Go to Niconico Kunikaigi Official Website
◎Go to Anime Festival Event 2014 Official Website


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