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英語 Deutsche Welle TV in English LIVE

hallo ,私の本名,
first, sorry my english is not so good, but i try to send you some news of the german newsletter.
europa ist starting help of the airway, you need clothes, medical thinks etc.
the japanese millitary is trying to start the electric for cooling the reaktor 2,3 and 4. the reaktor are dry and without cooling systems.
in this time the people in tokio are save,but on saturday the wind is turning and can go to tokio.the german and other reporters of the newsletters leave tokio .
they means osaka is the saver as tokio. in this time the japanese human organisatios found 5800 people death. more than 14000 are missed.the japanese gouverment ordert 5o man to the atome reaktors to cool them with sea water, but ouer physikers says it is better to leave this place, save the people and block the atomic reaktors with beton. the helping of the us. 以下、省略