This program ended on 09/23/2017 (SAT) 24:05 .

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High Resolution available Special Live Broadcast from the GREE booth (9/24)【TGS2017】

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Sep/23/2017 (SAT) Opens: 19:50 Starts: 20:00
This program ended on 09/23/2017 (SAT) 24:05.
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Bukiyosaraba The newest info release (tentative)

Bukiyosaraba, the action RPG for smartphones.
Lots of new information about “yet to be unfolded stories” and functions!

Game development staff / Guests/ Players , etc. (to be announced)

Download “Bukiyosaraba” from here

“Bukiyosaraba” official website

“Bukiyosaraba” official Twitter

“Bukiyosaraba” official LINE@

NARUTO Shinobi Collection Shippuranbu on Niconico Live, The Second Battle

【Super live broadcast of Narucole on Niconico Live!】The Second Battle

Finally, the Narucole will be on Niconico Live for the first time!
We’ll have the super-star voice actors from NARUTO as our guests and will be broadcasting lots of content!
What is the in-game item that will be created on the broadcast…!? What will happen on the second day…!!

Don’t miss it! (・∀・)

▼ NARUTO Shinobi Collection Shippuranbu
Official website

Official Twitter

【MC for both】

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Various game makers will be live streaming on Niconico Live from their booths at the “Tokyo Game Show 2017”, which will be held from Thu., September 21st to Sun., September 24th at Makuhari Messe!
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Official website of Tokyo Game Show 2017

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