This program ended on 09/22/2017 (FRI) 25:00 .

High Resolution available Live Streaming of Koei Tecmo Games(9/23)【TGS2017】

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Sep/22/2017 (FRI) Opens: 17:50 Starts: 18:00
This program ended on 09/22/2017 (FRI) 25:00.
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The Koei Tecmo Games Booth will be delivering a live broadcast program and showing you what’s occurring on stage during the period of Tokyo Game Show.

◆◆◆ Broadcasting Schedule on Saturday, September 23rd ◆◆◆

Ruby Party LIVE TGS Spin–to be broadcasted from 10:15
Lots of new info on Ruby Party brand’s La Corda d’Oro 2 Forte and others.
Featuring: MC Katsura and Kan (Infini)

Horse Racing Game – Live Streaming of Special Stage from 11:00
Koei Tecmo’s horse racing game specialist Producer Yamaguchi and guests well-versed in the genre will have an intense discussion about horse racing.
Not only that but they’ll be playing against one another the brand new Champion Jockey Special game!
Featuring: Producer Hidehisa Yamaguchi
Special Guest: Yuka Kuramochi (Entertainer) and Danshoku Dino (Pro Wrestler)

New Heroes Enter the Battle! Fire Emblem Warriors – Live Broadcast of Special Stage from 12:15
Unveiling of new heroes that’ll appear in the game! Special guest Hikaru Midorikawa, who plays the voice of Marth joins Producer Hayashi and Director Usuda in giving new info on the game.
Featuring: Producer Yousuke Hayashi and Director Hiroya Usuda
Special Guest: Hikaru Midorikawa (Voice of Marth)

Attack on Titan 2 – Special Live Broadcast from 13:00
Appearance by Producer Koinuma! Info on Attack on Titan 2, the newest addition to the hit series!
Featuring: Producer Hisashi Koinuma

Nobunaga’s Ambition: Taishi – Gameplay Debut – Live Broadcast from 13:45
First look at actual gameplay! Producer Koyama and Director Kimata explain how the game system is. Have a look at how the game mechanics such as the internal affairs and battle system have completely changed, as well as the Ambition system – the feature of the new title.
Featuring: Producer Hiroyuki Koyama, Director Kouji Kimata and Other Guests

Koei Tecmo Cosplay Contest at TGS 2017 – Live Streaming from 14:45
A high–level cosplay contest judged by visitors with votes in advance and the guest panel on the day.
Also some secret guests will make an appearance!
Head Judge: President and CEO Hisashi Koinuma
Guest Judges: Masaya Onosaka (Voice Actor) and Jacky Dosai (Cosplay Mode Advisor)

DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round – TGS2017 – Special Live Broadcast from 15:30
The Development Team delivers a live broadcast of 3D fighter DOA5LR from the venue of TGS 2017! The results of the annual user submission project – Designer’s Challenge 2017 and other never before seen info which will be unveiled only during the DOA5LR Special Broadcast! Look forward to it!
Featuring: Producer Yousuke Hayashi, Art Director Yutaka Saito and Yamima

Dynasty Warriors 9 – Special Stage and Live Stream from 16:00
Dynasty Warriors 9 Special Stage commences! Appearance by special guests and a ton of info on the spectacular features Dynasty Warriors 9 has to offer!
Featuring: Producer Akihiro Suzuki and Others

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Latest 「GUST」 news brought to you by guests!
Don’t miss out on 『Fire Emblem Warriors』 on stage either!

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Various game makers will be live streaming on Niconico Live from their booths at the “Tokyo Game Show 2017”, which will be held from Thu., September 21st to Sun., September 24th at Makuhari Messe!
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