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This program ended on 09/22/2017 (FRI) 23:59.
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Tokyo Game Show 2017 is to be held from September 21st to 24th 2017.
From the Dengeki booth of games inside the hall, we will distribute the live broadcast for 4 consecutive days this year, too!
The live broadcast on September 23rd which is the first public day, will feature online games and application titles of CAPCOM.
Along with some wonderful guests, we will share attracting points and new information about each title!

“DDON”―Presenting the latest census! Dodoraji Friday (DDON radio) edition too
・Broadcasting hours: September 23rd, from 10:30
・Maker: CAPCOM
・Cast: Mizuki Kuroda (T.V. personality), Mina Matsukawa (CAPCOM), Kento Kinoshita (CAPCOM), Ryuhei Ando (CAPCOM), Akihisa Kitamura (CAPCOM) and Mugichan (Dengeki enlightened people’s party)

Season 3.0 of “Dragons Dogma Onlin (DDON)” has started.
We plan to develop a “census” that tells the recent trends of the enlightened people while looking back at the trend until now, and the “Dodoraji” edition that conveys the worldview and characters.
Furthermore, we will have a quest with viewers.

“MHF-Z” × ”PSO2”―Conversation with Producer & Unveiling of the latest information
・Broadcasting hours: September 23rd, from 13:00
・Maker: CAPCOM
・Cast: Kouki Miyashita (CAPCOM), Genki Isano (CAPCOM), Tomofumi Sakai (Sega Games), Shuusuke Toyoshima (KADOKAWA), ophion (Dengeki Ryozanpaku), Retro Yoshida (Dengeki security)

Before the “PSO2×MHF-Z” collaboration, a talking session between Producer Tomofumi Sakai and Producer Kouki Miyashita of Sega Games will be held. We will stream their conversation live! In addition, a lot of the latest information will be shared.
With “MHF-Z” getting more and more exciting after its 10th anniversary, you cannot let your eyes off from it!

Play the multiplayer game “MHXR” with Haruna Ikezawa ! You may get information about the latest update!?
・Broadcasting time: September 23rd, from14:30
・Maker: CAPCOM
・Cast: Haruna Ikezawa (voice actress), Ryoo Sekino (CAPCOM), Yuuki Okano (CAPCOM) and ophion (Dengeki Ryozanpaku)

We’ll introduce the app “Monster Hunter Explore” that has been in service for 2 years. Voice actress Haruna Ikezawa will take part in the multiplayer game with viewers to win a prize. Also, in Update session, you might get to know what is going to happen in future along with the latest update information!? Don’t miss the program!

Broadcasting hours:
September 23rd 2017, from 10:30 to 16:00

Master of Ceremony
Ryou Hirohashi (voice actor)

※Broadcasting hours, content and cast members may change without notice. We would appreciate your understanding.

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