This program ended on 09/20/2017 (WED) 25:05 .

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High Resolution available Live broadcast from the D3P stage(9/21)【TGS2017】

Floor Guide

Sep/20/2017 (WED) Opens: 17:50 Starts: 18:00
This program ended on 09/20/2017 (WED) 25:05.
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We have game machines on which you can try out the new much-talked-about Earth Defense Forces 5 and other new games before anybody else.

A lot is happening at the event stage in our booth! Official recording and live broadcast of the Earth Defense Forces 5, events with various guests and photo shooting sessions with beautiful girls in cosplay costumes!

Needless to say, we have the annual display of a giant figure model. A lot to see!

Enjoy it no matter whether you can come to Makuhari Messe or not.

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