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Match 2‐The second Go Denou-sen:Cho Chihun vs DeepZenGo [English commentary]


公式生放送 囲碁特集提供:株式会社ドワンゴ
*Commentary for this program is in English.
See here for Japanese commentary

Go legend, Cho Chihun, will face off against
the world's most sophisticated Go software
DeepZenGofor three epic matches!

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Second Denou-sen Schedule
1st Match 11/19/2016 (Sat)
2nd Match 11/20/2016 (Sun)
3rd Match 11/23/2016 (Wed)

Matches begin at 1:00 pm JST.

Sponsors :The Nihon Ki-in/ Dwango Co., ltd
Development Partners: Tokyo University Matsuo Research
Second Denou-sen 1st Match2nd Match3rd Match
Cho Chihun--

Game Rules
●19 x 19 Grid
●No handicaps
●6.5 points awarded to 2nd player
●Matches abide by Japanese playing rules

See Details

Game Information
Cho Chihun
Profile Page

Commentator and Assistant
Michael Redmond 9th Dan (grade)
Profile page
Antti Tormanen 1st Dan (grade)
Profile page


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