This program ended on 09/16/2016 (FRI) 25:03 .

High Resolution available KOEI TECMO GAMES : LIVE (9/17)【TGS2016】

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Sep/16/2016 (FRI) Opens: 17:20 Starts: 17:30
This program ended on 09/16/2016 (FRI) 25:03.
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◆◆◆Sept 17th (Sat) Broadcast Schedule ◆◆◆

11:30 am (JST)~ 『Nioh』Special Stage Program
New exclusive footage reveal for"Nioh!"

Cast:Director Yousuke Hayashi and Director Fumihiko Yasuda

12:00 pm (JST) ~『Romance of the Three Kingdoms with Backup kit』Special Program
A look into the fascinating world of"Romance of the Three Kingdoms3."

Cast:Producer Tessho Toshikawa

1:00 pm (JST) ~ 『Nobunaga's Ambition - Our Warring States』 Special Stage Program
Smartphone game reveal for Nobunaga Ambition series !

Cast:Producer Kazuhiro Fujishige along with special guests

2:00 pm (JST) ~「Winning Post」Series Special Stage Program
A featured look at the "Winning Post" series.

Cast:Heisei Nobushikobushi (Takashi Yoshimura, Kenta Tokui)

3:30 pm (JST) ~『Samurai Warriors / Sanada Maru』Special Stage Program
Special discussion about the world of "Samurai Warriors / Sanada Maru" in addition to
new updates.

Cast:Producer Osamu Saegusa along with special guests

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