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High Resolution available Niconico Chokaigi 2016: 『POKKÉN TOURNAMENT』 Niconico Championship (Arcade Version)

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Apr/29/2016 (FRI) Opens: 18:50 Starts: 19:00
This program ended on 04/29/2016 (FRI) 24:07.
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Prepare yourself for all out pokemon war with the Chokaigi 2016 Pokken Tournament!

For this anticipated broadcast, we will be bringing you exclusive coverage of the tournament,
from the preliminary rounds up to finals!

Tournament Rules

● Tournament Featured Game: "Pokken Tournament" (Arcade Version)
●Tournament Format: 2 on 2 Waseda style (32 teams)
● Use of the same battling pokemon within teams is prohibited
● Use of personal banapassports is permitted
●The winning pair for this event will be presented with a ticket to appear in the Pokken
segement of the "2016 Pokemon World Championships" being held Aug 19 ~21 in
San Francisco!

See here for details regarding tournament rules.


MC:Masao Kouri (Cory) Twitter
Commentary: Oosaka Twitter
Guests and more...

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■ Pokken Official Twitter

●「Pokemon World Championship 2016」Official Site


「Niconico Chokaigi 2016」Official Site :

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