This program ended on 11/27/2015 (FRI) 25:31 .

High Resolution available X JAPAN Exclusive Live Charity Event

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Nov/27/2015 (FRI) Opens: 19:50 Starts: 20:00
This program ended on 11/27/2015 (FRI) 25:31.
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*The start time for this broadcast has changed from 4 pm to 1 pm JST.
*The start time for the concert portion remains as scheduled for 4 pm.

Get ready for X Japan’s exclusive live charity event, Ishinomaki Charity,
coming at you via Niconico Live!!

This event, which will be X Japan’s 1st live music club performance in 24 years,
has already sold more than 120 million yen (12 thousand USD) in ticket sales!

You don’t want to miss all that's in store for this phenomenal event!

Program content
As a kick off for their world tour, X Japan will hold a charity concert for the Great East
Japan Earthquake at the Ishinomaki Blue Resistance live music club, November 28th.

This will be the group’s first live house performance since their “All Night Metal Party”
concert at the Meguro Rock-May-Kan back in December of 1991.

Half (75) of the planned tickets for this concert were auctioned off on Yahoo for a sum
of 120 million yen (12 thousand USD). These proceeds, at the fervent request of X Japan,
will be donated to the Central Community Chest of Japan where the money then will be
distributed into Tohoku regions greatly affected by earthquake.

*The remaining 75 tickets will be given to local residents for free.

This exclusive premium show, open only to 150 people, will be broadcasted
via Niconico Live for your viewing entertainment. So kickback, relax and enjoy
the show from your PC, smartphone or tablet!!

*This program is available in any region.

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11/24 Update
▼Onsite reporting with possible X Japan member interviews
Reporter Layla Okuyama will be reporting live onsite at Ishinomaki Blue Resistance from
1:00 pm (JST) Nov 28.

She will be standing near the entrance awaiting the arrival of X Japan where she hopes
to snag the group for a brief interview!

Will Layla be able to catch the group for an interview!? Be sure to watch and find out!

1:00 pm (JST)~ Onsite reporting with possible X Japan member interviews
4:00 pm (JST)~ Ishinomaki Charity Concert: LIVE

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