This program ended on 09/16/2015 (WED) 25:02 .

High Resolution available 【TGS2015】 Games you want to play from fall to winter! Tokyo Game Show LIVE (9/17)

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Sep/16/2015 (WED) Opens: 17:50 Starts: 18:00
This program ended on 09/16/2015 (WED) 25:02.
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Join us at the 2015 Tokyo Game Show. We'll be bringing you 4 day coverage of
Dengeki Online's top "anticipated games" and updates for the latest upcoming titles.

This program will feature talks from real gamers and developers about current and
upcoming game titles and downloadables.

If you don't already have games you're waiting for, this show will definitely put some
under your radar!

For the first day (the 17th) of the TGS 2015 broadcast, you'll hear from Dengeki
Playstation editors as they discuss topics from gameplay demos to plans related
to Dengeki Online's channel. Don't miss it!

Broadcasting Schedule
●Degenki PS's 3 most anticipated PS4 titles! 『DARK SOULS III』
・Broadcast:9/17 from 10 am(JST)~
・Cast:Miyuki Nishioka(Dengeki PS chief editor), and Osho(Dengeki PS vice chief editor)
・Details: Dark souls III is the next new game for the 『DARK SOULS』 series. This segment
will feature a look into this latest title scheduled for an early 2016 release.

●Degenki PS's 3 most anticipated PS4 titles! 『Star Ocean 5 Integrity and Faithlessness』
・Broadcast:9/17 from 10:50 am (JST)~
・Cast:Hideichi Kobayashi(Square Enix)、Miyuki Nishioka(Dengeki PS chief editor), and
Osho(Dengeki PS vice chief editor)
・Details:This segment will feature some of the first ever gameplay footage of SO5 from
TGS's playable game demo.

●Degenki PS's 3 most anticipated PS4 titles! 『God Eater Resurrection』
・Broadcast:9/17 11:25 am(JST)~
・Cast:Yutsuke Tomizawa(Bandai Namco Entertaiment), Hiro Yoshimura (Bandai Namco
Studio), Hiro Kimura(Bandai Namco Studio), Miyuki Nishioka(Dengeki PS chief editor)and
Osho(Dengeki PS vice chief editor)
・Details:This segment will feature actual gameplay footage from 『God eater resurrection』
as well as show off the game's attractive features.

●Sawako Hata's Gaming Challenge TGS2015 Opening Broadcast
・Broadcast:9/17 1:00 pm (JST)~
・Cast:Sawako Hata (voice actress), Yasunaga Kimura(Sega Games), and Natchan
(Sega Games)
・Details: Newbie voice actress Sawako Hata (aka shawako-hime) will test her gaming skills
with various games including『Monster Gear』and『Hatsune Miku- Project Diva- X』!

●Ruba Tube at TGS 2015【♯01】~
・Broadcast:9/17 2:00 pm (JST)~
・Cast:Tsukasa Takeuchi(Capcom) and other guests
・Details:This segment will feature gameplay from the upcoming Capcom title
『Biohazard 0 HD Remaster』!

●【Dengeki App】“2015 Fighting Female Character Elections ”Results Special
・Broadcast:9/17 3:15 pm~
・Cast:Yuka Aizaka(voice actress) and Myon(Dengeki Online)
・Details:This segment will feature the female character voted the strongest out of 29 game titles.

●Bandai Namco Entertaiment Booth Tour
・Broadcast:9/17 4:00 pm (JST)~
・Cast:Ayumi Sato(Bandai Namco Entertainment), Minami Honda(Bandai Namco
Entertainment) and other guests
・Details:A look at the tibits Bandai Namco Entertainment has in store for TGS 2015.

*Broadcasting schedule, cast and content may change.

Program Hostess
Atsuko Enomoto

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