This program ended on 08/29/2015 (SAT) 25:35 .

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High Resolution available TEKKEN 7 [MASTERCUP AC SUMMER 2015] TOURNAMENT: LIVE

Floor Guide

Aug/29/2015 (SAT) Opens: 17:50 Starts: 18:00
This program ended on 08/29/2015 (SAT) 25:35.
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Get ready for live coverage of the Tekken 3 on 3 [Master cup Summer 2015] tournament,
being held at the Namco Hakata Bus Terminal Store on Sunday, August 30th!!

Join us as we visit Kyushu's sacred site--[Namco Hakata Bus Terminal Store ]--for the 3 on 3
team battle [MASTERCUP AC SUMMER2015] tournament in commemoration of the EVO2015
Tekken 7 Champion, Nobi.

『44 teams ,132 participants』from all over Japan will compete for a chance to win this epic

Tournament Flow
『1st Round→2nd Round→Wild Card→Finals』
[Date] 08/30/2015 (Sun)10:00 am (JST)~
[Venue] Namco Hakata Bus Terminal Store (Fukuoka, Japan)
[Commentators] Hameko・Nobi

 ■1st Round  1st Run  Start Time: 10:00 am
 ■1st Round 2nd Run  Start Time: 11:30 am
 ■2nd Round   Start Time: 1:00 pm 
 ■Wild Card  Start Time: 2:00 pm
 ■Finals  Start Time :3:30~6:00 pm

*Above times are in JST.
*Schedule times may change.

Access the link below for information about the rules for the MASTERCUP AC tournament:

『MASTERCUP』official website:

What is Tekken 7?
『Tekken 7』 is a 3D fighting game that was released by Bandai Namco Games on
February 18, 2015.

Tekken 7 is the first arcade fighting game to feature Online battle play for arcades. This
new feature allows players to match up with other players—similar in skill level—based on
the ranking of their used character.

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