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High Resolution available LUNATIC FEST: Nico Live 33 hour special featuring live coverage, interviews and more!

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Jun/26/2015 (FRI) Opens: 18:20 Starts: 18:30
This program ended on 06/27/2015 (SAT) 27:31.
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In celebration of their 25th anniversary (the last chapter), Luna Sea will
host one of the greatest rock fests in history, LUNATIC FEST. This
festival will be held June 27th (Sat) and 28th (Sun) at Makuhari Messe!

One live performance by Luna Sea will be broadcasted via Nico Live on
June 28th (Sun). In addition, there will also be coverage of the rock fest
from beginning to end in a 33 hour special.

Nico Live will have a special interview booth set up at the festival that will include some
of the biggest artists in the music industry such as Luna Sea, Lunacy, X Japan, Buck-Tick,
Dir en grey, and Glay

In addition to live reports from the rock fest, Nico Live will be streaming premier music
video showings of some of the performing artists.

One lucky premium member will also be treated to an extremely rare
gift in a lottery drawing!

No need to worry if you can’t attend in person, we’re going to be bringing you live coverage
of the event! All you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy !

* The performing bands for this broadcast are TBA
Hisashi Yamada(MC)  Leila Okuhama (Event Reporter)
(Twitter) (Community)   (blog)

June 27th (Sat)
10:30 am: Live from the festival stadium
9:00 pm: Collection of music videos from performing bands

June 28th (Sun)
10:30 am: Live from the festival stadium
7:00 pm: Live Luna Sea performance (1 song)
7:10 pm: End of Broadcast
* Please note that this schedule may change.

A part of Luna Sea’s performance will only be shown to Premium members.
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* PC users can watch limited broadcasts in high resolution mode.

LUNATIC FEST: Performing Bands

June 27th (Sat)6 *All 12 groups
Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas、SIAM SHADE、LADIES ROOM、coldrain、
TOKYO YANKEES、the telephones、9mm Parabellum Bullet、LUNACY(Opening Act)

June 28th (Sun) *All 12 groups
AION、minus(-)、ROTTENGRAFFTY、Ling Tosite Sigure、LUNACY(Opening Act)

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