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High Resolution available Fighting Game Tournament [ Topanga Charity Cup 5] Arcade Machine B

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Jul/03/2015 (FRI) Opens: 17:50 Starts: 18:00
This program ended on 07/04/2015 (SAT) 06:32.
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Get ready for『TOPANGA Charity Cup 5』being held at Tokyo Leisure Land- Parade Town,
July 4th. We’re going to be providing you with live coverage of the event from arcade machine B ( for more on the event or for coverage from arcade machine A Click here
The game that has been selected for this tournament is the arcade version of
Ultra Super Street Fighter IV』.

This event will be conducted as a 5 on 5 tournament and will feature some of the biggest
professional Street Fighter players in Japan such as Umehara (Daigo).

*For further details, see Topanga’s official website(
*Please note that you will not be able to view the entirety of all matches for rounds 1 & 2.

「TOPANGA Charity Cup--5」Official Page
「Tokyo Leisure Land-- Parade Town」Official Page

Event Host: Topanga Inc.,
Supporting Organization: Japanese Red Cross Society,
Collaborating Company: Dwango Co., Itd


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