This program ended on 06/05/2015 (FRI) 06:08 .

High Resolution available DDON TV: Dragon's Dogma Online~Famitsu Special

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Jun/04/2015 (THU) Opens: 27:50 Starts: 28:00
This program ended on 06/05/2015 (FRI) 06:08.
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This program will include stunning announcements regarding the
CBT1 (Closed Beta Test 1), the schedule for official services and MUCH
MORE. Don’t miss all the excitement that's in store!!!

Get ready for the first Niconico Live Broadcast about the highly anticipated online game
Dragon’s Dogma Online』!

We’re going to be talking about the alpha test that was recently tested, as well as what’s in
for one of the most riveting online games.

Be sure to watch as we bring you the latest news along with an awesome array of guest, in
addition to actual live gameplay footage brought to you by Famitsu selected gamers!
120 min of pure epicness coming at you right here!!!

『Dragon’s Dogma Online』Official Homepage

『Dragon’s Dogma Online』Official Twitter『Dragon’s Dogma Online』Special Page

MC:Naoki Yoshida(Nippon Broadcasting)
Guest:Hiroki Yasumoto (Sigma Seven)
Appearances:Hatsune Matsuhima(G Office)、BunBun Maru(Famitsu)、
Basara Saito(Famitsu)、Matsukawa Minae(Capcom Producer)、
Kento Kinoshita(Capcom Director)、and other special appearances.


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