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High Resolution available Mayday Special In Japan: 2 Day Nippon Budokan Performance and Celebration!

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This program ended on 05/27/2015 (WED) 29:05.
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The world acclaimed superstar band, Mayday, will be performing August 28th and 29th at the Nippon Budokan. In addition, the group will make a special appearance in Japan , June 17th,
for the release of their new single!

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This program will feature the debut of Mayday's music video “ Your legend: Moyuru Inochi,” as well as talks from the members about their thoughts regarding their performance for the
Nippon Budokan and much more!

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【Concert Information】
Title:Mayday 「Just Rock It 2015 TOKYO」at the Nippon Budokan
2 Day performance titles:Do You Ever Shine?(28th) / Dakishimete (29th)
Performance dates:8/28/2015 (Fri) , 8/29/2015(Sat)
Stadium:Nippon Budokan
Staring times:6:00/7:00 pm (28th), 4:00/5:00 (29th)
Advance ticket price: All seats reserved-- 8, 500 yen (includes tax)
*Tickets are required for children 3 years old and older.
General purchasing date for tickets:7/19(Sun)
Information:DISK GARAGE:050-5533-0888(Weekdays:12:00~19:00)

【CD Release Information】
New Single「YOUR LEGEND ~Moyuru Inochi~」releases 6/17/2015
<Featured Songs>
M1.YOUR LEGEND ~Moyuru Inochi~(Your Legend--Japanese ver.)
M2.Kioku no Nine ball(The nine ball--Japanese ver.)
M3. Seishun no kanata / Seika Kounen
M4. Hoshizora
M5.Your Legend(Original ver.)
M6.The nine ball(Original ver.)

Premiere version DVD:
1. Motor Rock /Motor Rock+Opening Live_2009 National Stadium (Kaohsiung)+Taipei Arena/National Stadium (Kaohsiung)+Taiwan Arena

2. Kanashimi wa ballad ja iyasenai /Don'ts Don'ts Live_2013 Hong Kong Coliseum
/ Hong Kong Coliseum

3. Ai no kioku wa totsuzen ni /Suddenly Missing you? Live_2012 National Stadium
(Kaohsiung)/National Stadium

4. Yasashisugite / Live_2012 National Stadium (Kaohsiung) Stadium

5. Boku wa Boku ni uso wo tsukanai /Stubborn Live_2012 Bird's Nest?/Beijing National
Stadium (Bird's Nest)

6. Shukan Shonen Jump /Rikai Chikyu Hyomen+Noah no hakobune / Noah's Ark Live_2012
…Live_2015 Tokyo Nipon Budokan

Premiere Version(CD+DVD):AZZS-36 / 1,800 yen(tax not included )
Standard Version(CD only):AZCS-2043 / 1,300 yen (tax not included)

1999: Mayday successfully debut.

2000: Mayday release their second album “Aijou Bansai” and capture the number 1# spot on
the music charts.

2001: In August, the group perform at the “Glay Expo 2001” as respresentatives for Taiwan
and perform before 80,000 “Yume no kyouen.”

2004: Mayday start their first world tour performing in countries such as America, China,
Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan.

2011: Mayday begin a world tour to South Eastern Asia, America, Canada, Australia and also
hold 7 day performances in Taiwan at the Taipei Arena. In addition, the group releases a
new album “Dai ni Jinsei” the same year wining Golden Melody awards in 6 categories.

2012: Mayday holds 2 day historic performances at the Beijing National Stadium, “Bird’s Nest” and sell 200,000 tickets.
Mayday wins 4 Taiwanese golden awards for best band. Their accomplishments also include
over 150 music awards in and out of Taiwan.
After their debut, the group achieves top superstar status in Asia, making them an acclaimed and unrivaled band in the region.

2015: On 8/28th and 29th, Mayday holds first time performances (Just Rock it 2015 Tokyo) at the Nippon Budokan for 2 days !

2015: Mayday release their single “Your Legend: Moyuru Inochi” on 6/17th . Then on 8/28,
the group holds first time performances (Just Rock it 2015 Tokyo) at
the Nippon Budokan for 2 days, 8/28th and 29th!
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