This program ended on 06/22/2015 (MON) 29:19 .

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Persona 4 Dancing All Night: Special Nico Live coverage for the new Persona title!

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Jun/22/2015 (MON) Opens: 25:50 Starts: 26:00
This program ended on 06/22/2015 (MON) 29:19.
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Persona 4 Dancing All Night: Special Nico Live Coverage

Get ready for special live coverage of the new Persona title, “Persona 4 Dancing all Night”
taking place June 23rd right before the game's release! This program will feature talks with
the game's voice actors, special inside information and much more!  

Here is a look at what’s in store:

*Pre-broadcast countdown program starting at 6 pm
*A one-hour look into the fascinating world of P4D!
*An audio remix video performed by top music artists
*Character Movies and much more!

Time Schedule
  6:00 pm: Special Countdown! A glimpse into the world of P4D
  7:00 pm: Main segment of live broadcast
    『[Personal 4 Dancing all night]: Nico Live Special Coverage !』
  →→→ Ends around 9pm (JST)

    check it out!
    Nico Live coverage of the new Persona title ! + talks with the game's voice actors
    * Short Performance
    * Talk Session
    * P4D Gameplay and Inside Info
    * Special Gift Giveaways!

Miscellaneous / Atlus Development Team

Official Site

Persona Official Twiiter:

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