This program ended on 05/16/2015 (SAT) 24:14 .

High Resolution available The world´s greatest drift event 「2015 D1 GRAND PRIX Rd.2 SUZUKA DRIFT」Day 2 LIVE

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May/16/2015 (SAT) Opens: 16:50 Starts: 17:00
This program ended on 05/16/2015 (SAT) 24:14.
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The world’s greatest drift event

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▼May 16th Show

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★SUZUKA DRIFT Tickets for May 16th and 17th are now ON SALE★
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2015 SUZUKA DRIFT【2015/5/16(Sat) 08:00~2015/5/17(Sun) 18:00】
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What's D1GP?
2015 marks the 15th anniversary for the world’s greatest
drift event, 「D1 GRAND PRIX(D1 Grand Prix)」.

A competition that places style at the forefront

The DI Grand Prix series is a competition where the winners are decided not
by the mere performance power of their vehicles, but by their skills as racers.
It is here where the true essence of the D1 Grand Prix series lies.

▼Solo Run
Here, the accuracy of a driver’s drifting techniques are put to the test.

This competition features racers competing with each other for points.
Racers are judged by the accuracy of their skills.

Here, two racers battle it out in tournament style.

This competition decides the fate of all racers in their advancement
towards the finals.

2015 Series
Exhibitions:6 rounds total
Round 1 April 18th (Sat)19th (Sun) Tokyo・Daiba Special Course
Round 2 May 16th (Sat)17th (Sun) Mie・ Suzuka Circuit
Round 3 June 27th (Sat)28th (Sun) Ibaraki・Tsukuba Circuit
Round 4 July 31st (Fri) August 1st (Sat) Fukushima・Ebisu Circuit Southern Course
Round 5 Sep 4th (Fri) 5th (Sat) Osaka・Maishima Special Course
Round 6 Oct 17th (Fri)18th (Sat) Tokyo・Daiba Special Course

Same day Exhibitions: 「D1 Exhibition(Tentative name)」:4 rounds total
EX.1 TOKYO DRIFT April 19th (Sun) Tokyo・Daiba Special Course
EX.2 EBISU DRIFT August 2nd (Sun) Fukushima・Ebisu Circuit Southern Course
EX.3 OSAKA DRIFT Sep 6th (Sun) Osaka・Maishima Special Course
EX.4 TOKYO DRIFT Oct 19th (Sun) Tokyo・Daiba Special Course

Broadcasting is also scheduled for exhibitions in Russia, Vladivostok and Thailand.
Tune in to the world’s most epic DIGP.

D1GP Official site

VIDEO OPTION Official Site

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