This program ended on 06/29/2014 (SUN) 28:08 .

High Resolution available Anime Japan: Latest Info Revealed (Live)

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Jun/29/2014 (SUN) Opens: 26:50 Starts: 27:00
This program ended on 06/29/2014 (SUN) 28:08.
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"Your #1 source for Anime is right here!"

On Monday, June 30 at 7pm JST, Nico Live is bringing you live coverage
of [Anime Japan Presentation]!

●Program Overview
Don't miss this presentation covering new developments
in the Anime industry!

・Anime Japan's future developments
・Press Q&A
 and more.

● Featuring

Kenji Uchida (Anime Japan Committee)
Kenichiro Ikeuchi(Sunrise)
Katsuya Oota (NBC Universal Entertainment Japan)
Koji Hokujo(Japan Video Association)
Teppei Nojima(Pony Canyon)  
Yuji Hirooka (Bandai Visual)

Yuma Takahashi (Aniplex)


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