This program ended on 05/15/2014 (THU) 29:12 .

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May/15/2014 (THU) Opens: 26:50 Starts: 27:00
This program ended on 05/15/2014 (THU) 29:12.
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It's that time again! That's right it's Hatsune Miku time! And this time we're
streaming live from the Good Smile×Animate Cafe in Akihabara!

Program Details:
【Magical Mirai Corner】
・Details revealed for popular upcoming summer event--"Magical Mirai 2014"--
in 8/30 (Osaka), 9/20 (Tokyo)!

【New Merchandise Corner】
・All-new Hatsune Miku merchandise revealed!

【Snow Miku Corner】
・Users can vote on final selected 2015 Snow Miku outfit design entries.
Who knows!? Your vote could decide Yuki Miku's fate!
◆Magical Mirai Official Site

◆Good Smile Company Official Site


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