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High Resolution available Niconico Chokaigi 3: Ultra Street Fighter IV

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This program ended on 04/25/2014 (FRI) 25:51.
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Cho Fighting Game Stage "Ultra Street Fighter IV"

Top players will duke it out playing Ultra Street Fighter IV on
the Chokaigi stage!


Kazunoko vs Mago
Momochi vs Tokido
Daigo vs Bonchan

Rules: 2-round matches. Player who wins 5 rounds is declared the winner.
If players lose a round they can select a different character.

Also check out an info corner about the ps3 and Xbox 360 versions of Ultra Street
Fighter IV with the producers behind the game!

Daigo (Umehara), Bon-chan, Momochi, Tokido, Kazunoko, Mago

A-ru, Nuki

Koichi Sugiyama (Capcom) Producer
Tomoaki Ayano (Capcom) Assistant Producer

Ultra Street Fighter IV Official Site

Special Thanks: TOPANGA
Niconico Chokaigi 3 Cho Game Area Page
Niconico Chokaigi 3 Site


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