This program ended on 04/18/2014 (FRI) 27:22 .

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High Resolution available Anime Song Cosplay Adventure - 2014 Volume 3

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Apr/18/2014 (FRI) Opens: 22:20 Starts: 22:30
This program ended on 04/18/2014 (FRI) 27:22.
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Singing, costumes and grand adventure!
It's Anime Song Cosplay Adventure 2014!

Anime Song Cosplay Adventure is an event where participants step onto
the stage and sing Anime, superhero show and video game karaoke songs. Singers
are critiqued and given advice by legendary Anime song singers.
Program Details:

【Event Overview】
4/19/2014(Friday) 2:30pm Start(2:00pm Doors Open)

Anime Song Karaoke Contest
Participants sing and are evaluated by pro singers!

Voice Actor & Idol Anime Song Karaoke Variety

MC:Otakki- Sasaki, Soumizu Matsuda

Judge:Hiroki Takahashi, Yukio Yamagata


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