This program ended on 04/25/2014 (FRI) 25:13 .

High Resolution available Niconico Chokaigi 3: Cho Vocanico Party [Day 1]

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Apr/25/2014 (FRI) Opens: 18:50 Starts: 19:00
This program ended on 04/25/2014 (FRI) 25:13.
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An explosive space reserved solely for listening to your favorite Vocaloid hits!♪
DJs and bands will be on stage for a definitive Vocaloid music experience!

Saturday, April 26th
11:00pm DJ caesar
11:30pm DJ Mikudayo-
12:00pm LIVE Karasuyasabou
12:30pm DJ Sketch-P
1:00pm DJ Kitsukigatenkomori
1:30pm Short Recess
2:00pm LIVE Ie no ura de manbo ga shinderu-P
3:00pm DJ Kikuo
3:30pm LIVE PolyphonicBranch
4:00pm DJ sasakure.UK
4:40pm DJ DJVocaNico

*Times denoted in JST (Japanese Standard Time)


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