This program ended on 03/20/2014 (THU) 26:15 .

High Resolution available Secret of Mana 22 Hour Play-a-thon -Niconico Chokaigi 3 Special-

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Mar/19/2014 (WED) Opens: 27:50 Starts: 28:00
This program ended on 03/20/2014 (THU) 26:15.
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To celebrate the release of the smartphone app game "Legend of Mana: Rise of Mana",
we are playing through the entirety of the 2nd game in the Legend of Mana series--Secret of Mana!

Our three let's players will be cooperating throughout the game
playing the three heroes of the game and try to beat the game
in 22 hours!

【Starring & Schedule】
-Thursday, March 20th-
[8:00pm - ]
M.S.S Project(FB777KIKKUN-MK-2Aroma Hottoeoheoh) co212608
Tasho Oyama(Legend of Mana: Rise of Mana producer)SquareEnix
Yuuki Kikuta(Composer)*10:00pm -

-Friday, March 21-
Sepia co18783
Muscle Miyazaki co309571
Full Combo co24062

KADA co367131
Sunazame co68048
Kanya co1168658

Ii Otonatachi co1668147

Gacchiman co328709
Tsuikanban Hernia co1181840
Kinoko co1059854

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