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Magic: the Gathering Pro Tour "Born of the Gods" in Valencia Day 2

Floor Guide

Feb/21/2014 (FRI) Opens: 23:50 Starts: 24:00
This program ended on 02/22/2014 (SAT) 12:20.
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The Pro Tour returns to Valencia for the first time since 2007. Pro Tour Born of the Gods features the debut of the new Born of the Gods set on the premier-play stage. Top players from around the world will be in Valencia to battle for fame, glory and $250,000 in cash prizes in the Modern Constructed and Born of the Gods/Theros Booster Draft formats.

Tune in for the second day live Niconico webcast on Saturday, February 22nd at 5:00 pm. This live program features complete access to the Pro Tour: live match coverage, deck techs, behind-the-scenes interviews with R&D members and much more!

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