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GungHo Official Puzzles & Dragons Live Stream - 10 Match Advent Challenge

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Feb/19/2014 (WED) Opens: 24:30 Starts: 25:00
This program ended on 02/20/2014 (THU) 06:02.
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To celebrate 2 years of Puzzles & Dragons, we'll
be challenging 10 consecutive advent dungeons that we've
conquered thus far!

This time, Mr. Murai will be challenging consecutive battles
against fiendish foes.

Will he be able to conquer all 10 of the super-difficult advent dungeons!?

And who knows? There might be a special present for all you viewers
if Murai can beat all the dungeons without continuing...!

≪3-Hour Limited Reveal Advent Dungeons≫
[Streamed on 02/20 (Thurs) 6:00pm to 9:00pm]

01:Advent of Hera!
02:Advent of the Hero!
03:Advent of the Goddess!
04:The Great Thief is Here!
05:Advent of Hera-is!
06:Advent of Hera-ur!
07:Advent of Takeminakata!
08:Advent of Izanami!
09:Advent of Hercules!
10:Advent of Zeus!

Plus challenges (AKA: Yama Challenges!) by Puzzles & Dragons producer
Daisuke Yamamoto and the latest Puzzles & Dragons news!

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