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High Resolution available Dragon Quest X TV ver.2 - #2 Featuring Hisayoshi Suganuma

Floor Guide

Feb/17/2014 (MON) Opens: 27:50 Starts: 28:00
This program ended on 02/18/2014 (TUE) 06:49.
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Nico Live and the talent behind Dragon Quest X bring you the latest info on version 2.1!

Ayana Tsubakihime(Entertainer)

 Takashi Anzai    (Dragon Quest X Chief Planner)
 Gogatsubyo Mario (Artist)
 Chikara Saito    (Dragon Quest X Director)
 Masahiko Saito   (V Jump Editorial Division)
 Yosuke Saito   (Dragon Quest X Producer)
 Hisayoshi Suganuma  (Voice Actor)

 Adventurers' Plaza of Awakening

 Dragon Quest X Official Promotion Site

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