This program ended on 03/07/2014 (FRI) 27:05 .

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Niconico Cospllection Live at Nicofarre -Day 1-

Floor Guide

Mar/07/2014 (FRI) Opens: 22:50 Starts: 23:00
This program ended on 03/07/2014 (FRI) 27:05.
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A brand-new cosplay event brought to you by Niconico!

What's Cospellection?

Step onto the Nicofarre stage, cosplayer, 'cause now you're a star!

Amateurs and pro cosplayers alike have their chance in the spotlight in this
all-new cosplay event!

How to Have a Blast at Cospellection

Have your photo taken in front of 360 degrees of virtual space surrounded by huge LED monitors!

Gasp in amazement as massive LED monitors stretching around the venue provide gorgeous backdrops while you strut your stuff on stage during your very-own cosplay photo shoot!

Worried about optimal lighting and sound needed to wow your fans? Rest assured as the Nicofarre lighting and sound staff will be there to ensure you'll look phenomenal!

Event Overview

Saturday, March 8th/9th, 2014. Changing Rooms & Coat Room - Open 1pm/3pm, Event starts at 4pm


Look forward to seeing you there!


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