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High Resolution available [2013] 100 Hour Non-Stop Vocaloid Song Countdown

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Dec/19/2013 (THU) Opens: 20:50 Starts: 21:00
This program ended on 12/23/2013 (MON) 25:00.
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Nico Live is bringing you 100 hours of non-stop Vocaloid songs created in 2013! That's almost 1000 songs in all!

Songs during the countdown are selected on criteria such as the total number of views, My Lists, comments, ad points!♬

"What's this broadcast good for?", you ask? Have a listen during your daily work routine, or simply chat with other Vocaloid fanatics as the tunes mesmerize you!

And the much-anticipated year-end Vocaloid DJ event, "Vocanico Christmas Party" immediately follows once all the tunes are done and played!

Vocanico Christmas Party

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