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High Resolution available Pokemon X & Y: Release Party Part 2

Floor Guide

Oct/11/2013 (FRI) Opens: 27:50 Starts: 28:00
This program ended on 10/12/2013 (SAT) 06:14.
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Pokemon X/Y will be released this weekend (10/12), so we're here to show
you all the cool stuff you can do in the game with creators of the game and special guests!

Whether you own the game or plan to get it soon, this program is a great way to learn all about
the newest iteration of Pokemon!

Takao Umino (GAME FREAK Inc.)
Shigeki Morimoto (GAME FREAK Inc.)
Hayashi (Gameplay supervisor) co1456328

Kouji Watanabe (Writer)
Yui (Model/Actress) Official Blog

"Pocket Monster X", "Pocket Monster Y" Official Site

*The content of this program is subject to change without prior notice.

See ya there!


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