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High Resolution available Niconico On The Road 2013 Let's Play Booth: Aichi Prefecture

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Sep/21/2013 (SAT) Opens: 20:20 Starts: 20:30
This program ended on 09/21/2013 (SAT) 25:35.
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湯毛 ガッチマン 赤石先生 茸
Yuge Gacchi Man Akaseki Sensei Kinoko

[Game Titles]
-Spelunker [WEB]
-Down Town Nekketsu Kyoshin Kyoku Sore Yuke Daiundoukai (Wii Virtual Console) [WEB]
-Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball Club (Wii Virtual Console) [WEB]
-Miku Monogatari (PC) [WEB]


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