This program ended on 08/10/2013 (SAT) 20:14 .

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High Resolution available Pokemon World Championships 2013 - Qualifier & Semi-Finals Live

Floor Guide

Aug/10/2013 (SAT) Opens: 09:50 Starts: 10:00
This program ended on 08/10/2013 (SAT) 20:14.
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Coming to you live from Vancouver, Canada starting Saturday, August 10th through
the 12th*--the Pokemon World Championships 2013 qualifier and semi-finals
featuring Pokemon Black (White) 2!

*Times indicated in JST. Commentary will be in Japanese

Rules & Regulations
・Participants are those nominated in their respective countries/regions
・Game Version: Pokemon Black (White) 2
・Battle Rules: Double Battle
・Use of miracle shooter is prohibited
・All Pokemon in the national Pokedex (#001-649) excluding Chatot
・4-6 Pokemon up to level 100 are registered into the battle box for battle
 Pokemon exceeding level 50 will be reverted to level 50
・Battle time is set at a maximum of 30 minutes. 120 seconds to choose Pokemon for matches. 60 seconds to choose per turn

Pokemon World Championships 2013 Info

*Not all battles will be covered
*Streaming may be unstable due to unprecedented factors

*This stream is subject to cancellation due to weather or other factors, and content may change without prior notice.

c2012 Pokemon. c1995-2012 Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc.
Pocket Monsters and Pokemon are a registered trademark of Nintendo and Game Freak inc.


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