This program ended on 08/15/2013 (THU) 29:10 .

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Aug/15/2013 (THU) Opens: 24:30 Starts: 25:00
This program ended on 08/15/2013 (THU) 29:10.
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The Vocaloid music festival Voca Nico Night is just around the corner and will be held at
the luxurious Shinkiba Studio Coast! Join us for non-stop Vocaloid tunes from talent like
Vocaloid-P DJ Jin and a slew of other Vocaloid disc jockeys!

Date: Friday, August 16th, 2013
Doors Open: 3pm / Starts: 4pm / Ends: 9pm (Schedule)
Venue: Shinkiba Studio Coast (
Special Guest DJ:kz(livetune)
DJs:Hachioji-P, DJ'TEKINA//SOMETHING, baker, DJ Ceasar, DJ VocaNico
Vocaloid-P Collaborators: Utsu-P, Agoaniki, and emon
Dancer Collaborators: Ushidorobo, PCF, SLH, DANCEROID, and Shakarikiotokojuku
Performance Collaborators: Machiya, emyu:, and RIORU

And in celebration of 2 million premium members, it's all available free of charge!

Also, if you're in Japan and want to see the event live, then today's your
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Look forward to seeing you there!


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