This program ended on 06/13/2013 (THU) 18:00 .

High Resolution available [E3] 3-day Continuous Broadcast from the SCEA Booth at E3!

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Jun/11/2013 (TUE) Opens: 10:30 Starts: 11:00
This program ended on 06/13/2013 (THU) 18:00.
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This year's E3 will be held on Tuesday, June 11 - 13 at the Convention Center in L.A.
And we couldn't be happier to announce that we'll be broadcasting a continuous stream from the SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America) Booth!

We'll be interviewing attendees and special guests, showing game trailers, basically Nico'ing like only we can!

And don't worry if you miss the day's events, we'll be re-playing the stuff that happened during the day in a loop at night.
So tune in, get a sneak peak at the latest news and products, and enjoy this special Nico Live Broadcast!

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