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High Resolution available Monthly VOCALOID Ranking COUNTDOWN Top 100! May, 2013

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Jun/08/2013 (SAT) Opens: 22:50 Starts: 23:00
This program ended on 06/08/2013 (SAT) 29:55.
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Anyone out there like Vocaloid?

Well, we LOVE IT!

We made this program to re-cap the previous month's Vocaloid hits just in case you missed any. We'll be playing the top 100 in a row in a countdown style.

Watching all the videos at once gives you a great chance to share opinions with other fans around the world in real time!
If you see something you like, make sure to let everyone know by commenting.


*This is a broadcast of the videos in Vocaloid Category. It's possible that some videos other than MMDs and typical Vocaloid software generated songs.

*The artist name and song will be displayed, but the mixers, illustrators, video editors, and other supportive staff will be omitted.

*We will not display the name of original versions of music, but instead just the name of the remixed that is featured.

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