This program ended on 06/22/2013 (SAT) 10:16 .

High Resolution available 10-hour Dragon Quest X Special!

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Jun/21/2013 (FRI) Opens: 23:50 Starts: 24:00
This program ended on 06/22/2013 (SAT) 10:16.
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Dragon Quest X TV
~A (beta) 10-hour straight broadcast of Dragon Quest 10 including lots of awesome guests! ~

We'll be playing Dragon Quest X while talking with guests and showing off in game items on this very special 10-hour Official Broadcast only on Nico Live!

■Appearances by

齊藤陽介 (Saito Yusuke) Dragon Quest X Producer
椿姫彩菜 (Tsubaki Ayana) Celebrity

堀井雄二 (Horii Yuji) Dragon Quest Series Game Designer
すぎやまこういち (Sugiyama Kouichi) Composer
斉藤征彦 (Saitou Masahiko)Shueisha V Japan Editing Dept.
福山潤 (Fukuyama Jun) Voice Actor
加藤隆生 (Katou Takao) SCRAP Inc. CEO
吉田直樹 (Yoshida Naoki)FFXIV: Producer and Director
藤澤仁 (Fujisawa Jin) Dragon Quest X Director
齋藤力 (Saitou Chikara) Dragon Quest X Planning Chief
安西崇 (Anzai Takashi) Dragon Quest X Battle Planning Chief
(And more!)                 

~Schedule~  *Times are subject to change so be sure to tune in early!

16:00~ Opening
16:15~ Let's make a video! Everyone, assemble in Astoltia!
17:00~ Ah, got it, it's Astoltia (viewer quiz time)
17:45~ 「DQⅩ」Explanation ~Talk with special guests~
18:45~ 「DQⅩ」Lets meet the developers
19:30~ Let's eat and clean up!
20:00~ Battle Trial Special!
22:00~ Huge Accouncement!!
23:00~ Let's figure out a game to play in「DQⅩ」!
24:00~ Let's talk with the Directors
25:00~ Battle Trial Special 2!
25:30~ Super Special Ending! 感動のスペシャルエンディング!

■Simultaneous Broadcast



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