This program ended on 05/29/2013 (WED) 07:08 .

High Resolution available All w-inds. members together! It's really, really been a long time! wwwww

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May/28/2013 (TUE) Opens: 27:50 Starts: 28:00
This program ended on 05/29/2013 (WED) 07:08.
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All 3 members of w-inds.
will be giving us a small taste of what they're up on on Nico Live!♪

Before the members come out,
we'll be playing w-inds.'s recent live show!
Also, Premium Membership will get a special exclusive showing!

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Release Info

KEITA 1st Album

Limited Edition



(CD Only) 3,000円

1. Turn it up
2. Slide 'n' Step
3. Shame on me
4. Magic feat.AKLO
5. Nice and Slow
6. Hey Love
7. Thinking of you
8. Get U Back feat.AISHA
9. broken hearted passenger
10. Side by Side
11. Beautiful Lie
12. One More Time
13. Slide 'n' Step -Extended Mix-feat.SKY-HI (AAA)

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