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High Resolution available BOOM BOOM SATELLITES "FRONT CHAPTER" [Rebroadcast]


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Apr/15/2013 (MON) Opens: 28:50 Starts: 29:00
This program ended on 04/16/2013 (TUE) 08:43.
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*This is a rebroadcast of the December 6th, 2012 broadcast.

Due to Kawashima Michiyuki's (Guitar, Vocals) brain tumor, the band had to cancel their country tour that would have started in January.
HOWEVER, they have recently announced that BOOM BOOM SATELLITES will be performing LIVE at the Budokan on May 3rd!

In commemoration of all the fans that are excited about their revival,
Nico Live is going to broadcast past live BOOM BOOM SATELLITES shows!

Night 2 (April 17th) is from their December, 2012
"EMBRACE" The 15th Pre Release QUATTRO Premium Party.

Embrace went on sale on January 9, 2013, their first album in about 3 years.
This show featured songs on the new album and was a huge success. Don't miss it!!

Night 1 (April 16th) is from the Live show "FRONT CHAPTER"
that happened in December 2011 at the LIQUIDROOM.

We'll also be playing 10 of their super-hit Music Videos IN A ROW
before the broadcast, so we're sure any BOOM BOOM SATELLITES fan around the world will love this broadcast. [SET LIST] 9:00 PM - Music Videos 01.Dive For You 02.Moment I Count 03.KICK IT OUT 04.GIRL 05.PILL 06.EASY ACTION 07.WHAT GOES ROUND COMES AROUND 08.INTERGALACTIC 09.BACK ON MY FEET 10.DRAIN *This will repeat until the live begins. ~11:12 - Live STARTS


"EMBRACE" Remix Contest

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