This program ended on 04/12/2013 (FRI) 11:15 .

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High Resolution available Bunch of Young Girl Music All at Once! Leaf Version [WHITEALBUM, ToHeart, and more!]

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Apr/12/2013 (FRI) Opens: 07:50 Starts: 08:00
This program ended on 04/12/2013 (FRI) 11:15.
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Listen to a whole bunch of Young Cute Girl Game Music all at once!
Phew. That was a mouthful. This time we'll be playing all of Leaf's songs, from the first to the very newest
including ToHeart, Utawarerumono, ToHeart2, WHITE ALBUM2, and more!

You can enjoy this Young Cute Girl Game Music many ways!
Make a danmaku of comments or write your impressions of the music itself,
write a bunch of cool emoji, kaomoji, and ascii art, or just sit back and enjoy the music.
*The broadcast time may be altered

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音楽PVランキング/アーティスト生放送はココ! ニコニコチャンネル music


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