This program ended on 04/18/2013 (THU) 06:41 .

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High Resolution available [Mahjong] Master League ~season2~ #14

Floor Guide

Apr/17/2013 (WED) Opens: 26:50 Starts: 27:00
This program ended on 04/18/2013 (THU) 06:41.
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Here we go! A future Mahjong star!
We'll be broadcasting these pros from the Aruban Studio!( `・ω・´)

The 2nd Master League will be a Tonpusen match.
There are 5 matches in total and depending on the results of the first 4, the 5th's items will change!
This time will be completely different from the others. Don't miss it!


Mizuguchi Mika (Japan Professional Mahjong League)

坪川義昭 (Japan Professional Mahjong League)

Fukuda Seiji (Japan Professional Mahjong League)

Yamamoto Yuuya (Freelance)

Jikkyo (players)


Matsumoto Momo

Aoi Ayane

※Kobayashi Gou will not be participating this time.

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アカギ ムダヅモ無き改革 銀と金 哲也 天牌
アカギ ムダヅモ無き改革 銀と金 哲也 天牌


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