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High Resolution available hide Memorial Day Special 2013 ~hide 24-hour Nico Live 20th Anniversary Solo Work-Special~

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This program ended on 05/03/2013 (FRI) 07:35.
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Congratulations hide on your 20 year solo-career-anniversary!
To celebrate, we're doing a "We Love hide" user contest AND
a 24-hour Nico Live Broadcast! ♪

This 24-hour broadcast will consist of clips from live shows, music videos, events, and event some interviews with hide!

The winners of the We Love hide 2013 contest will also be announced.
They will get some fantastic prizes, so be sure to upload your video quick!

We'll be broadcasting hide' ROCK SPIRIT to the whole world!

*Note that X JAPAN music videos are not included.

We Love hide~○○ 2013 Contest~
Application period: March 22 - April 28 2013

Last year we had about 300 entries for our contest!
So we'd like to run a similar contest based on hide this year!
We'll be taking entries based on 2 of hide's top hits: ROCKET DIVE and TELL ME
Other than the Played_it, Sang_it, and We_Love_hide categories
we're happy to announce that this year will we also be accepting illustrations!
So if you prefer to draw rather than record, be sure to upload your hide entry to Niconico Seiga!

This INTERNATIONAL event is accepting entries from ALL Niconico Users!
Try taking a video of yourself singing, dancing, playing the air guitar, or gather a band, sing together, or make an air guitaring, singing, rock-out video!
Winners will be selected from excellent videos uploaded during the contest period. The winner will receive an excellent prize! Now go forth, make an entry for this contest, and don't forget to tune and enjoy this special 24-hour live broadcast celebrating hide’s 20th year of solo work!
Contest Details→hide × Niconico Channel

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