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Niconico Choukaigi 2 Virtual Unveiling -16 Day Countdown-

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Apr/10/2013 (WED) Opens: 25:20 Starts: 25:30
This program ended on 04/10/2013 (WED) 29:15.
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Live from Nico Farre in Roppongi, we're bringing you coverage on
the latest details that have surfaced for the grand mother of
Nico-celebrations -- Choukaigi 2!

This is the final announcement for the Choukaigi 2, folks (Or so we think...)!
Will any light be shed on details surrounding the Nico-centric booths and

・Virtual unveiling of Choukaigi 2's venue map.

・Guess what super-popular thing is gonna be available as grub at the food court!

・Additional guests announced for the Chou-Party II! Who will be descending upon the party?

・Doara, Billy, woolly alpacas, Type 10 tanks, and all-new shocking special guests!
・Shudder at the excitement! A destined clash!

*Announcements are subject to change without notice.

▼On the Stage (Scheduled)
 ・Hiroyuki Kawakami (DWANGO Co., Ltd. Chairman)
 ・Takeshi Natsuno (DWANGO Co., Ltd. Director)
 ・Seiji Sugimoto (DWANGO Co., Ltd. CEO)

 ...and more!

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