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Press Release of an Exciting 10 Company Collaboration Product!

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Mar/04/2013 (MON) Opens: 20:50 Starts: 21:00
This program ended on 03/04/2013 (MON) 21:57.
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Tuesday, March 5th 2013. 2:00 - 2:45 PM

Press release of a new project being undertaken by the following 10 companies: Dwango, Nippon Television Network Corporation, Nelke Planning Co., ltd, Yomiuri Shinbun, Tokyo FM, Lawson, eplus, Dentsu Inc., AiiA Corporation, BS Nippon Corporation

Toshio Suzuki (Former president of Studio Ghibli and long-time colleague of Hayao Miyazaki)
Kawakami Nobuo (Representative Director of Dwango)
Okuda Seiji (Bureau Director and Senior Executive Manage of the Movie Department at Nippon Television Network Corporation) And others!


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