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    BLOG: Me: Age: 25Birthday: June 24thFavorite colors: White, all pastel colors including pastel brown and cream, black, gold, silver and purple!Favorite Books: HP, Coraline, Tuck Everlasting, A wrinkle in time and Because of Winn-dixie!!!! Favorite Mangas: All Arina Tanemura's mangas!!!! Favorite Show: Sailor Moon 1996 (I dislike Sailor Moon Crystal) Favorite J-pop: CY8ERFavorite American Music: GalantisFavorite Characters: Kyupi, Llorromannic, Cocoa and Vanilla and Cogimyun!Favorite K-pop: Neon Punch and Astro!!!!Favorite Singer: KokiaFavorite foods: Eggplant parmesan, Fried Eggplant Ratatouille and Calzones!!!!Warning: I don't know all Japanese!!!! I prefer to be talked to in english!!!!Past Heritage/Or blood: White/english, Hispanic/Puerto Rican, Italian, Indian, Chinese, Thai. (or more)Now: White/Hispanic. I lived in America and now have a spanish family and white family I hang out with here. Alot now live in America I think.Born: Orlando, FL. Lived in Kissimmee my whole life though!!!!Likes: Chocolate/Red VelvetWeird Things (weird things are different but harmless, thats one of my favorite sayings!!!! thats something i live by on the contrary!!!! i'm attracted to things that are different!!!! i love old movies/old musicals, irish dancing, old short clips before long movies, anime, asian dramas, asian pop, vocaloid, j-rock, manga, and indie/icelandic music because of that aswell!)Happy things (not everything is happy I learned at 17 so once I learned it I was attracted to everything happy!!!!) Angel wingsTokidokiChocolateSailor Moon 1996SanrioCinnamonMusicSingingDancingActingVideogames Lalaloopsy DollsBall-Jointed DollsPullip DollsWriting PoetryWriting songsDrawingArtPaintingChocobosAsian PopAsian RockIndie PopIndie RockVocaloidJuiceSweetsSpicy Foods (as long as also not sweet)TeaItalian FoodsAnd ramen!!!!

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