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  • Ingress Agent Olympiad 2018(English)

    2018/06/23(SAT)19:00開始 Program Overview Tune in to Niconico live for an exclusive yet mysterious live broadcast event. In this program, you will hear commentary from special MCs and pundits via studio; they will explain the scenes of the opening ceremony as information is revealed, epic battles between ag...

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  • 神使なご利益放送局 No.2

    2018/05/07(MON)20:00開始 今回の電話ゲストは相模原の非公認キャラ「マウスマン」! デンジャラスな行動で毎度お騒がせなマウスマンのことや、6月17日に下北沢トリウッドで公開される自主製作映画の話など聞いていきます! お楽しみに♪ マウスマンのマイリスト↓ 劇場版マウスマンの予告映像↓ http://ww...

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  • Toward Solving Disputes over Standard Essential Patents (SEPs): Licensing 5G SEPs

    2018/03/13(TUE)09:30開始 Announcement We are now in the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), in which various things that have not been connected via networks hitherto, such as home electronics and automobiles, can be done so. Also, we are moving toward the 5G era, i.e., the fifth generation mobile communication sys...

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